"​We stand together as influential individuals that will lead our youth into a positive and uplifting future".

10 Shades of Success

Our mission is to become one of the leading influential organization that will influence our young girls to be empowering and successful in life.

Karen Michelle



"​We stand together as a influential community that will lead our girls into a positive and uplifting future".Type your paragraph here.

​​​​​​It is our personal and business goal to bring successful individuals together to honor their excellence and to also have the community come together for one common successful story of celebrating a diversity of women; says founder Karen Michelle. “We stand together to create an atmosphere of leading women that will continue to carry their leadership efforts outside of this organization while sharing the message of being an advocate for charitable causes concerning our young girls.”



Our vision is to bring forth, influential and empowering individuals; to honor and celebrate their leadership in the community.