10 Shades of Success

"​We stand together as influential individuals that will lead our girls into a positive and uplifting future".

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​​April 8- June 3, 2018 

4 Year Anniversary Day Party

​Sunday, May 20, 2018 12pm-4pm ​​

​​​​10 Shades of Success will reveal some startling news at their 4 year anniversary "Beauty day party".

10 Shades of Success is proud to announce some amazing news as we celebrate our 4 year anniversary with the community. In 2016, Ten Shades of Success founder Karen Michelle put together a life changing platform dedicated to mentoring and inspiring young girls to live a positive life. Through the organization we assist our girls with life style fundamentals to standardize a healthy and social life. In addition to life style coaching, we’ve provided creative encouragement to assist them to find what they are passionate about. We also influence round table discussions, yoga, vision boards, and etiquette sessions. 

 “It is our personal and business goal to bring successful women together to honor their excellence and to also have the community come together for one common successful story of celebrating a diversity of women; says founder Karen Michelle. “We stand together to create an atmosphere of leading women that will continue to carry their leadership efforts outside of this organization while sharing the message of being an advocate for charitable causes concerning our young girls.”

 10 Shades of Success will be hosting their 4 year anniversary day party Sunday, May 20, 2018 at Blu Studios with “Beauty Shop Talk Live" host KJ Midday, who is also the owner of "Smooth Vibes Mobile Coffee Bar", Dallas' newest mobile coffee caterer."  We will be toasting to some awesome things that will be rolling out this year including  dreamy bites from our sponsor OMG cakes| Southern Best Catering. There will be complimentary beauty  tips and services for our guest throughout the afternoon, please be sure you RSVP. This is an invite only event that you must RSVP for.

Media passes are available but limited.

If you are not familiar with this organization and would like to learn more, follow us on social media @10shadesofsuccess.