"​We stand together as influential individuals that will lead our youth into a positive and uplifting future".

10 Shades of Success

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We Welcome applications from women who are committed to mentoring and supporting each girl.

Sponsor a girl TODAY! 

Because our programs are offered at no cost to the girls. Your sponsorship of $50 registers one girl for our annual retreat.

Sponsor a girl

​​Recommend a girl TODAY! 

​Any adult may recommend a girl between 9-16 years of age who has a need and desire to grow into her purpose. 

I am a future shade of success is to
empower and influence our girls by
being optimistic role models. Each
young girl will learn the basics of a
healthier and meaningful life style;
from yoga, vision board class,
roundtable discussions (anti- bullying
and self-confidence), etiquette classes,
and much more.

Please contact us via email for further assistance with subject line (Example: Reccomend a girl).

Info@10shadesofsuccess.org e.

founded in 2016 to  help girls understand their
potential and idenitfy their gifts to be successful in
life. Through personal and cultrual mentoring,
we're helping each girl envision their purpose.

​- Supporting I AM A FUTURE SHADE is your opportunity to make a lasting impact on the life of a girl- who will then go on to share her gifts with her family and community.