10 Shades of Success

Our Testimonials

"​We stand together as influential individuals that will lead our youth into a positive and uplifting future".

 10 Shades of Success gala had been a long time coming; says 2016 honoree Angie Ransome-Jones. Her publicist secretly nominated her.  “She knows all of the work that I do in the community, in addition to my book, so she surprised me with the nomination. I am grateful that she did!”- Angie Ransome- Jones/ Author

The 10 Shades of Success nomination was a surprise for me. It was done by someone whom I did not know was nominating me. “Being an artist and doing a lot of charity events, I have never, ever dreamt that I was going to reach that level of success and recognition in the United States”. (born is Russia) – Tatyana Murphy/ Artist

The beauty of 10 Shades of Success is that they spotlight a lot of different women doing a lot of different causes. You may not have started an organization, but you may become a part of someone else’s. It brings about a sisterhood!- Cheryl Jackson- Minnie’s Food Pantry

“ I cannot remember the last time I got dressed up for something concerning me”. “It is always somebody else, so I am really excited to be a 2016 honoree recipient. – Dr. Regina Spellmon

I think it’s amazing that different shades of success can come together and share one platform.- DeDe McGuire Radio personality